How to file the Arts Tax 2016

Go to Website:

The next page contains Art Tax Forms. This will give a list of Tax Years. Each year will have a choice of On-line filing or Mail-in Form.

To file online – for 2016 click on the “Online Filing” and complete the forms on the next few pages. This will request payment via debit/Credit card.

To Mail in – For 2016 click on the Mail in form. This will bring up a new screen with the blank form and instructions. (3pages total) Please print this out.

Complete the form:

Section 1 – The address of your primary residence.

Section 2 – answer question yes or no

Section 3 – Enter each Adult (over 18) in the residence.

Section 4 – Time for some math. Enter the total number of Adults (over 18) you have registered in section 3. Take that number and multiply by $35.00. The new number will be amount owed for the tax. See examples below.


2 Adults listed on the form,  2 x $35.00 = $70.00. Write a check for $70.00


4 Adults listed on the form, 4 x $35.00 = $140.00. Write a check for $140.00

Section 5 – Complete the mailing address if different from primary residence address

Section 6 – Complete section with the name, date and daytime phone number of person who completed this form. No signature required

Stuff form and check into an envelope and mail to:

Revenue Division of Arts Tax

PO Box 2820

Portland, OR 97208-2820



The Art Tax is based on income only. Age is not a considering factor.