Personal Property Tax Returns

Personal  Property Tax Returns are due at the County by March 15th. (Fairly new extended deadline).

There is no extension allowed from the March 15th due date.

The Returns are based on inventory of Business Use personal property at January 1st.  A table used personally at your home is not business use personal property, thus not subject to this tax. A table used for business purposes is a business use personal property item, no matter where it is. Generally, if it’s easily movable, it’s personal property. It is not based on inventory of products for sale.

There is no threshold to file. There is only a Threshold to assess the tax.  This means that if you are in business, you are required to file the Personal Property Tax Return, no matter how little the amount to report.  The Personal Property Tax assessment starts when there is $17,000 of Real Market Value. This figure changes regularly. The 2019 figures are coming soon.

Exemptions are not automatic. Charities and non-profits must apply for the exemption. Farm equipment may be exempt depending on primary purpose. Once the crop is harvested, the equipment may have another primary purpose.

By state law, the counties are no longer required to send out the forms. Washington County still sends out their form with the list of assets that they have on record from your previous returns. First timers, record everything whether you think it has value or not.  Current filers, pay special attention to the list to note assets that have been added or disposed of.  Be sure to say how they have been disposed of. Personal property stored and not in use is still “in use” for business purposes, otherwise, why are you storing it?

Collections are under the rules of the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Not receiving the form does not excuse a non-filer.  If you haven’t received the blank tax return in the mail, you can obtain one by several methods:

Oregon Department of Revenue—

Google-Washington County Oregon property tax forms  or your county

Email-          for Multnomah County    for Clackamas County


Phone—Washington County Personal Property   503-846-8838


This is not a part of the Individual Tax Return for the Internal Revenue Service or Oregon Department of Revenue.  But if you are having difficulties with it, feel free to call us at

AccounTax Of Oregon, Inc. 503-619-1040.