Tax Reminders



Extended 2018 tax return filing dates are fast approaching!  The due dates are:

Entity                                                 Form                     Extended due date

Sub S Corporations                            1120S                   Sept 16, 2019

Partnerships                                        1065                   Sept. 16, 2019

Individuals                                           1040                  October 15, 2019

Estates & Trusts                                   1041                  October 15, 2019

We can assist you with your returns to avoid late filing and/or payment penalties and interest.  Please have your complete information to us by October 1st for individual, estate and trust returns and as soon as possible for Sub S Corporations.

Estimated Tax Payments for the 3rd quarter are due September 16, 2019.

When you filed your 2018 tax returns did you have a large outstanding tax liability to pay?   In 2018, the IRS lowered the withholding tables too much.  Many employees found the taxes withheld from their wages left them with tax to pay on April 15th.  We encourage you to come in for a FREE withholding check-up for 2019 to review your tax withholdings.