What We Do

We take the anxiety out of tax season

Every client is an individual, and our services are tailored to your needs.

We are tax preparers and consultants. Our goal is to help you save time and money.

We are compassionate interested professionals who make the tax process easier, understandable and less stressful.

We get to know your situation and explain the solution.

We do a full and complete interview to understand your tax situation. Often we hear of challenges or issues that we can help with by referring to our wide network of professionals. Sometimes a little humor doesn’t hurt.

We can help if you have:
• Past due returns,
• Withholding issues,
• Estimated payments,
• Reporting requirements: agency letters you might not understand.

We guide new small business owners to get on the right track and stay there.

We offer midyear reviews to see if you need to make any changes in anticipation of the year end.

We take the mystery and aggravation out of the tax filing process.


Your return is as individual as you are. At AccounTax, our licensed tax professionals prepare your personal tax return and consult with you on current and prior years. In our first meeting we will assess your prior tax year for free to determine your needs. We calculate and analyze your return to determine what federal, state, city and county laws apply to you. Our attention to detail ensures your return will be calculated properly. We use the “double check” system for accuracy. We use the “kitchen table” approach. This means that when your return is ready, we invite you back to our office and we sit down and go over it with you, in detail, in a comfortable setting.

We offer:
• Personal Income Tax Preparation
• Tax Advice – Current and Prior years
• Community Referrals to Trusted Financial Professionals


For your business needs, we offer business income tax preparation including:
• 1120 (C Corp)
• 1120s (Sub S Corp)
• 1065 (Partnership)
• 1041 (Trust return or Fiduciary)
• Schedule C (Sole Proprietor) as part of your personal tax return

and if you don’t know, we can help determine the right business return and business entity for you.

AccounTax also does Annual reports such as:
• 1099
• 1096
• 940 FUTA (Federal Employers Annual Federal Tax return)
• Schedule H Household

We do not do recurring payroll.

Our other services include reconciling reports to the Profit and Loss Statements, payroll reports, forensic quarterly payroll reports (941) including Employers Quarterly Federal tax Return and Oregon Quarterly (OQ), and accounting set up. We also consult on how to start up your new business and choose which entity to use.


Having AccounTax do both your business and personal returns just makes sense. We have a better understanding of your situation and you have less work. We can show you how your business return affects your personal return and how you can plan around that.


Lately, many people have been receiving phone calls and emails from someone claiming to be the IRS, telling people that they owe money. If you receive one of these calls or emails, it is a SCAM. The IRS does not make calls or send emails. Check with your tax preparer if you are concerned. We have phone numbers you can call to report these scams.

The latest type of scam going on is an email that claims to have an invoice attached, however, the invoice has a virus in it. Do not open these emails. To be safe, please get your security checked and if you are worried, have your computer scanned for viruses. We can provide referrals for assistance with this if needed.


More rules: Due to the increase in fraud and scams, the IRS now requires us to check identification for our clients. Both Federal and State agencies may send letters asking for further proof of ID for taxpayers, spouse, and children. So, even though we know you who you are, we need to prove it by filling out more required forms. Don’t be offended.

The IRS requires that form 1098T be shown as proof of college attendance, but often finds the details inadequate. So, if you are a student or if you have a college student dependent, please, make sure to get the payments/billing transcript from the institution.